St Edward’s School & Sixth Form College

St Edward’s Church of England School and Sixth Form College. Founded in 1710, we have over three hundred years of history. Guided by Christian values, our school provides a safe, caring and happy environment in which our students can learn, play and develop into well rounded young men and women.

St Edward’s Church of England School and Sixth Form College offers exceptional levels of care and support to every member of the school community. Effective learning and the development of our students to their full potential is at the core of what we do. The commitment of our staff, the high expectations we have of the students and our students’ willingness to meet those expectations, have resulted, for 2016, in St Edward’s delivering the most improved examination results in our Borough. Already there are clear signs that the 2017 results, both at A Level and GCSE, will be even better than 2016 and very significantly so.