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Curriculum Information

Our curriculum ensures excellent coverage of the National Curriculum – Key Stages 1 and 2 Framework (September 2013) and the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (March 2017).  We have fully embraced the higher expectations set out in both curriculums and have devised our own units of work for each subject area so that we can ensure a sound progression of learning. We also have a core team of specialist teachers who are passionate about their curriculum area; these teachers work with different groups of children each year. Our team includes PE, music, art and computing specialists.
Our Reception pupils learn both indoors and outdoors, experiencing a range of adult led and child initiated activities.  We value and incorporate the children’s interests as they develop.  In Years 1-6, we ensure that this ‘active’ and ‘engaging’ learning continues, with teachers maximising opportunities for talk time, active, visual, audio learning and the use of the outdoors.  At all times, we focus on learning being challenging, engaging and enjoyable.
In addition to everyday teaching, we have a range of learning opportunities that further enhance the curriculum.  We arrange before- and after-school clubs plus lunchtime clubs, so that children get to learn in different ways.  The learning experience we provide is completed with the knowledge that each child is unique and special. We place our Christian values at the heart of everything that we do; we live our values.

All information relating to our curriculum is available on individual school websites and found in our policy documentation.

Sports Premium Statements

Our annual statements will be published each November, please follow the below links to find each school’s statements & strategies.


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